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Learning More About Yourself
Doesn’t Have to be Stuffy and Serious.

That’s why I’m here: your new Enneagram BFF! As a certified Enneagram coach who’s earned over 10 million views on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, I teach others about their personality through light-hearted and educational videos, and I’m bringing this to you or your team in a personalized, fun, and energetic way.


How It Works

The first time I read the description of my Enneagram type, I felt like someone had reached inside my brain and yanked out my scariest, most vulnerable thoughts. All the parts of myself that made zero sense suddenly became clear.

With that knowledge, I was free to release. Learning about the Enneagram changed everything because I was able to zoom out and see the big picture. I was free to examine my internal motivations and extend compassion and understanding to myself.

And here’s the freaking amazing thing: you can do this too!

I have full faith that discovering more about your type will help you better understand yourself, your motivations, and those around you.