This is your sign to get your mom that gift, write that heartfelt card, and plan that day of adventure.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas for all 9 Enneagram Types.

Discover Mother’s Day gift and activity ideas for all 9 Enneagram Types! ‘Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you.’

Enneagram Type 1 Gift Guide for Mother's Day

When I asked on my Instagram what gifts would be good for Enneagram Type 1s, I got a lot of responses that said: TIME  

Enneagram Type One Gift Ideas for Mama Day

Enneagram 1s are dutiful and hardworking people. They hardly ever let go of their daily responsibilities just to relax. A couple of ways you could do this:

  1. Take the kids to your in-laws and let mom have the house to herself for the day. 
  2. Plan a little getaway for her at a local hotel or airbnb. But here's the caveat: you have to have EVERYTHING planned out. Make sure all the responsibilities are covered for the time of the trip. Have an itinerary with all the information she needs with ideas for activities and restaurants.

The goal of this gift is to take the control away, in a caring way, so that the Enneagram 1 mama can relax and just have a good time.

I also recommend getting your Type 1 mother a thoughtful present. Some suggestions on my Instagram said they wanted a mug or jewelry with "Mama" so I curated my top Mama picks from Amazon!

Another good gift would be something consumable like food, wine, and candles because type ones won't appreciate useless clutter. A few ideas are a  bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, their favorite candle scent, or a loaf of freshly baked bread from your local bakery. 

If you are reading this an hour before you are off to take her to brunch, I've got you! Give her a subscription box for some consumable gifts that will bless her for months to come.

Enneagram Type 2 Gift Guide for Mother's Day

Now let's talk about Enneagram type 2, The Supportive Advisor. Enneagram 2s feel loved and wanted when we show them that they are appreciated.

So take the time this Mother's Day to show them that they are loved and wanted no matter what they DO to earn that love. 

  1. A must-give gift for Type 2 mamas is a handwritten letter. 
  2. Perhaps you could find a really unique card from a local boutique.
  3. Or, if you have kids, have them make the letter with cardstock and stickers.

If your mother is an Enneagram enthusiast like you then treat her to a necklace from GLDN jewelry that celebrates her gift of connection and her guiding light of worthiness. 

Enneagram 2s are constantly caring for other people in their life, and they have a tendency to neglect their own self-care. This Mother's Day, give them a mixture of Acts of Service and Quality Time.

  1. Clean their car,
  2. Tidy the house.
  3. Meal prep for the week.
  4. Book a girls day spa trip for her and her friends.
  5. Have a big family dinner together (where she does no cleaning or cooking!!)
  6. Get new self-care, skincare, and more with a monthly self-care subscription box.

Lastly, books are always a great way to relax and unwind. I have curated a list of books, both fiction and non fiction, that I think will appeal to Enneagram type 2 moms. In particular, "Take Care of Your Type" by Christina Wilcox has tons of helpful tips for doing self-care for each specific type! 

Enneagram Type 3 Gift Guide for Mother's Day

Enneagram Type 3s, the Successful Achievers, desire to be seen as worthwhile and valuable. As moms, they work their butts off to achieve their goals for themselves and their family.

As an Enneagram 3, I want to tell you that the best gift you can give Type 3 moms is to show them that they don't need to earn your love. They already have your love just for who they are.

A Type 3 submitted on my Instagram story that their ideal Mother's Day would be a whole day focused on me and what I want. Plan ahead, ask your 3 mom what she wants, and make it happen! It might be a spa day, a nap, breakfast in bed, or crafts from the kids! Just make sure it's specifically what your Type 3 wants.

Another gift idea for Type 3 moms is caffeine. One thing I've gathered by working in the Enneagram space is Type 3s love their coffee and tea. Anything that helps them increase their workflow and help them through the day is gold. As summer approaches, it's almost time for cold brew season! So get them a subscription for coffee or tea to be delivered to them for months to come!

You could also get them Enneagram 3 coffee. Enneagram Coffee is the coolest little indie company that makes coffee beans based on the Enneagram types. I tried the Enneagram 3 coffee a few months ago and it had hints of cocoa and lemon and was delicious.

If your mother is an Enneagram enthusiast like you then treat her to a necklace from GLDN jewelry that celebrates her gift of achievement and her guiding light of authenticity.

My last recommendation is a matching linen dress set for mother and daughter. I don't have kids yet, but if I ever have a daughter, I want this for Mother's Day. Jon, if you're reading, write that down for the future. I just think it's so sweet and you can do a little photoshoot in your matching dresses and it's perfect!!

Enneagram Type 4 Gift Guide for Mother's Day 

Enneagram Type 4s, the Romantic Individualist, value authenticity above all else. That's why it's important to give them a gift that is thoughtfully considered and unique to your Type 4 mom.

More than any other type, I feel like gifts for Type 4s need to be ultra- specific. For example, I had a bunch of 4s reply to my Instagram story and they were all different.

One Type 4 mom said plants, chocolate cake, and Beauty and the Beast. Another said books and records. Another said Mother's Day is hit or miss It either makes me cringe or melts my heart.

My advice is to pay attention to the desires of your Type 4, ask them if you're confused, and try to tailor Mother's Day to their specific interests.

I have a curated list of books and gifts on my Amazon Storefront that come from recommendations on my Instagram.

You might consider treating her to a necklace from GLDN jewelry that celebrates her gift of uniqueness and her guiding light of connectedness.

The Vinyl Moon subscription box is the only vinyl “mixtape” club that combines the best new music with original artwork to create an ultra-deluxe record experience. If that doesn't scream TYPE FOUR I don't know what does haha!



If you still need help, my personal opinion is you can't go wrong with new houseplants and a polaroid camera. I find that both of these gifts stimulate a Type 4s creativity whether by nurturing their living room jungle or commemorating moments through the instant nature of polaroids.

Enneagram Type 5 Gift Guide for Mother's Day 

Enneagram Type 5s, the Investigative Thinkers, are intensely curious people. One thing to know when planning a Mother's Day activity or gift is that most 5s don't want surprises.

The best gift you can give a Type 5 mama is an entire day ALONE. No crowds. No kids. Just bed, spa, books, and quiet.

Next, I always recommend giving Type 5s gift cards. That way, there are no surprises and they can buy what they need without having to worry about meeting your expectations.

If your mother enjoys jewelry then make it meaningful with a necklace that celebrates her gift of competence and her guiding light of abundance.

Lastly, books. Type 5s like books a lot. Get them books about their specific interests or get them a book subscription box!


 Enneagram Type 6 Gift Guide for Mother's Day 

Now let's talk Mother's Day gifts for Enneagram 6, The Loyal Guardian. Type 6s desire to have security and support. They value commitment and dependability, approaching the world with a questioning and inquisitive mind. I think a Type 6 mama would really appreciate a fun family picnic with games and fun food and desserts. They will value the quality time spent together.

One gift that is both sentimental and practical is a DIY baking kit, especially if you are far from your mom on Mother's Day. It's the gift of an experience and something tasty!


I've also found that Type 6s really value feeling safe and cozy at home. This connects back to their core desire to feel secure. The world can be messy and unreliable so having a warm, comfortable place to recharge is really important for a Type 6. 

If your mother is an Enneagram enthusiast (and why wouldn't she be?) then treat her to a necklace from GLDN jewelry that celebrates her gift of security and her guiding light of faith.

I highly, highly recommend gifting LINEN SHEETS for a Type 6. We got linen sheets from our wedding registry this year and let me tell you- there is NOTHING more luxurious than getting into bed with fresh, clean linen sheets. It's hands-down my favorite thing in my home and the best way to feel cozy and homey.

Other cozy suggestions are pillows, blankets, candles, or new towels.

Enneagram Type 7 Gift Guide for Mother's Day

Enneagram 7s, The Entertaining Optimist, desire to be fully happy and content. They love discovering new ways to experience the fullness that life has to offer. So I want to share a few gift ideas that I think would make your Type 7s Mamas feel super excited!

First and foremost, experiences!! Make some memories together! One name people call Enneagram 7s is the ADVENTURER. They love exploring new places, meeting new people, and fulfilling their wanderlust. So plan a trip and go camping! Go on a road trip!

If traveling isn't an option for you guys, plan an experience at home. Do S'mores around the fire, tie-dye shirts, or go to the pool with a ton of fun, new floaties like this unicorn.

You can also gift them travel-related accessories like new luggage, travel guides to their bucket list countries, or a new passport cover!

Finally, jewelry is always a good idea especially if it's extra thoughtful like this necklace from GLDN that celebrates her gift of enthusiasm and her guiding light of presence. 

Enneagram Type 8 Gift Guide for Mother's Day

Mother's Day gifts for Enneagram Type 8s, the Challenger. Let's go.

My mom is a Type 8w7 and she said she wants an adventure of her choosing. So do that. Do exactly what they ask for.

I have a hunch that most Type 8s highly value the acts of service love language. As go-getters, Type 8s put a lot on their plate. Sometimes, they may feel like it would take too much time to delegate tasks so they just do it themselves. So a great gift for Type 8 Moms would be services that take the load off for a while.

You could buy them 3 months of HelloFresh or another meal delivery service so that you take away some of the cooking and grocery shopping responsibilities or even a monthly subscription box that brings something unique and tasty to her.

If your mother enjoys jewelry then make it meaningful with a necklace that celebrates her gift of taking charge and her guiding light of letting go.

You could also give her gift cards to the car wash or a monthly home cleaning service!

Enneagram Type 9 Gift Guide for Mother's Day

Okay, what to get all the Enneagram Type 9 Peacemaker mamas out there! Type 9s long to know that their voice and opinion matters. I recommend giving Nines a gift that says, "Hey! I see you. I hear you. What you think and desire matters to me."

People sometimes use the word homebody as a derogatory term, but I am using it to describe a person who gets warmth and peace from being at home. I want to suggest gifts that help homebody mamas create a home filled with love and harmony.

First, I recommend gifting them a very cozy night-in. Send the kids off to sleepovers, build up the fire, and get them a director's cut of their favorite movie.

Next, I recommend a home decor and interior decorating book like Homebody by Joanna Gaines or Styled by Emily Henderson. It will help Type 9s discover their home style and learn how to implement it!

Jewelry is always a good idea and this necklace from GLDN celebrates her gift of harmony and her guiding light of empowerment.

Next, and I'm calling in some T Swift for this one, but gifting them an oversized sweater that's like an old cardigan under someone's bed. When you're shopping for the perfect sweater, have Folklore and Evermore playing in your head. 

 Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing moms out there!