We could all research how to make a great steak. The reason why we do that research is different depending upon our Enneagram Personality Types.

What Steak Shows Us About Our Personalities

It's a scorching hot day in Bryan, Texas, and I'm teaching the Enneagram to an awesome team of women. Someone gasps and says, “OMG, I think my husband is a Type Five!” I ask why and she says, “He got obsessed with making the perfect steak. One day, I saw his YouTube watch history and it was hundreds of videos about Gordon Ramsay cooking steak.”

Many Type Fives become experts on their interests because they never stop learning. Her husband enjoys the process of learning about steak.

Then a Type One pipes in. “I’ve done that, but I watched videos until I knew how to cook steak the right way. Then I stopped.”

I freak out saying, “This is the BEST illustration of the Enneagram!!”

We can all research how to make a great steak. The reason why we do that research will be different for each type.

A Type Seven wants to have the most AMAZING experience eating the best steak ever.
A Type Two wants to treat her friends and family to a delicious meal.
A Type Four wants to create something that somebody else enjoys.

For me, this is why I made my entire career teaching the Enneagram. When I first learned about my Enneagram type’s core motivation (I am a Type 3), I had a startling realization: I had spent my entire life trying to earn my worth by DOING. 
I couldn’t voice it before, but now I saw clearly what needed to change. I didn’t want to live in a world where my happiness and identity hinged on how “successful” I could be. 

This personality typing system was like nothing I had ever experienced before — 
Instead of looking at your external behaviors, the Enneagram of Personality looks at your internal motivations. It challenges you to ask the bigger question. 

Why do you do the things that you do?