Every Enneagram personality type has a core fear we're constantly avoiding. Learning about this fear and embracing it in your life will help you handle times of transition.

What All Enneagram Types Have in Common With a Stray Kitten

"Sometimes the scariest moments happen right before a major life upgrade."

I saw this quote in a caption of @flatbushcats post (yes, I am obsessed with all rescue kitty content!) and it stuck with me. When stray kittens are trapped, they hiss, bite, and scramble around trying to find an escape that will lead them back to the only life they've ever known. They can't fathom that they are trading being cold and hungry in dirty alleyways for being warm and fed in loving homes.

Fear proceeded the biggest moments of positive change in my life. Right before I got married, I felt an influx of fear that things were going to fail. What if moving in together is really difficult? What if our rushed pandemic wedding isn't perfect?

Right before I was walked into the conference room to teach my first in-person Enneagram workshop to a group of cool, well-dressed professionals, I felt a wave of terror. What if I suck? What if they hate how I teach? What if my outfit isn't appropriate? (Any other Type 3s in the house? 😂 )

What if? What if? What if?

I know I'm not alone in feeling these fears before big, scary changes. All of us have a Core Fear that we are consistently running away from. Unsure what the Core Fears are? Here's a little reminder:

Type 1 - Being wrong, inappropriate, or corruptible

Type 2 - Being rejected and unwanted

Type 3 - Failing at your goals and therefore being seen as worthless or unsuccessful

Type 4 - Dying without having made an impact on the world

Type 5 - Being unable to meet outside expectations because of ignorance

Type 6 - Losing support and stability, whether that be financial, emotional, or relational

Type 7 - Being deprived or not making the most out of your time on earth (the ultimate FOMO!)

Type 8 - Being weak, powerless, or manipulated

Type 9 - Being in conflict; losing connection with others

Enneagram coach Beth McCord says, "Having a Core Fear is an unavoidable part of life, but it’s what we do with this fear that makes the difference between bondage and abundant life!"                

How can you overcome your fear to move forward into a major life upgrade? Watch this video to learn more about your type and how to leverage your unique personality to achieve your goals.