Use the Enneagram to unlock the power of team dynamics: enhance communication, resolve conflict, and harness individual strengths.

The Enneagram Can Enhance Team Communication and Collaboration 

As an Enneagram coach, I recognize the immense difficulty of leading a team. Through my workshops at corporate retreats and conferences, I witness the striking divergence of communication styles, conflict preferences, and overall personalities among groups of individuals. 

For example, some people need lots of affirmation and positivity (👀 2s and 9s), while others prefer to get straight to the point (👀 5s and 8s). Some types think personality typing systems are baloney (and don't hesitate to tell me that) while others can't stop bringing up their personality type musings at every opportunity (cough couldn't be me cough). 

Long story short - it's rough out there. 

Discover 5 ways the Enneagram of Personality empowers the workplace:

#1 Improve Communication

Poor workplace communication is a common issue. It's not because your team is inept at communication; instead, it's the complex blending of different communication styles that makes it difficult to navigate situations. 

If you're discussing an issue with an Enneagram Type 2, you're going to need to use the sandwich method (affirmation-issue at hand-affirmation). But if you're discussing an issue with an Enneagram Type 1, you're going to want to stick to the facts and provide a clear structure to the conversation.

By identifying their own Enneagram type and learning about the types of their coworkers, your team can gain a better understanding of how to communicate more effectively and avoid misunderstandings.

The Enneagram can improve your teams' communication. | Abbey Howe.

#2 Manage Weaknesses

There are a lot of personality typing systems that teams can use but unlike MBTI or StrengthsFinder, the Enneagram focuses on your weaknesses and helps you improve upon them. The Enneagram looks at your weaknesses and asks, "How can use this knowledge of our not-so-pretty traits to improve upon them?"


The Enneagram can help you manage your teams' weaknesses | Abbey Howe

#3 Deepen Empathy

By providing a framework for understanding the different ways people experience the world, the Enneagram invites empathy and understanding into the workplace. When we learn why Type 1 Bob feels strongly about sticking to the rules and procedures, we can relate to him more compassionately when he is a stickler for grammatical errors. Knowing that Type 5 Carol needs a lot recharging time for her social battery gives others grace when she declines after-work drinks for the 3rd time.

The Enneagram will help your team to develop empathy for one another | Abbey Howe

#4 Self-Awareness Makes Better Leaders

There's no way around this: leadership requires self-awareness. You may be a straight-shooter, but half of your staff needs positivity, affirmation, and complements in order to do their best work. My goal as an Enneagram coach is to help teams evolve and grow by revealing everyone's motivations and providing tools for leading each personality type to do their best work.

The Enneagram encourages self-awareness. | Abbey Howe

#5 It's Fun!

I'm definitely biased, but learning about the Enneagram during the workday feels like a breath of fresh air. You're given permission to talk about the uncomfortable things, the silly things, the things that don't normally come up in a water cooler conversation. You're able to laugh at yourself, and maybe even cut through the banal "How was your weekend?"

The Enneagram is a fun personality typing system! | Abbey Howe

If this sounds like something that would be life-giving for you and your team, sign up for a free discovery call with me here or learn more about my workshops and offerings by going here.