There are hundreds of Enneagram books out there and as an Enneagram coach and educator I have read A LOT of them. Let me help you narrow down which ones to read next. 

Enneagram Books That Are Worth Your Time to Read

The Enneagram at Work by Jim McPartlin

Recommended Enneagram Books from Abbey Howe

Use the power of the Enneagram to become a more effective, capable leader with these practical and applicable tools.

Good For: Working professionals and teams

The Enneagram for Black Liberation by ChiChi Agoro 

Enneagram for Black Liberation | Enneagram with Abbey

Good For: Someone looking for collective liberation and healing (and more than just a typing system!)

A tool for Black readers, specifically Black women, to return to their truest selves in a system that seeks to dampen their self-worth and belonging.

The 9 Types of Leadership by Beatrice Chestnut

Enneagram Books I Recommend | Abbey Howe

Good For: Leaders who want to dive deeper into their type and subtype

Harness your unique Enneagram type to create more effective relationships, feel happier at the office, and utilize your strengths (and weaknesses!) as a leader.

The Honest Enneagram by SaraJane Case

Enneagram Books I Recommend | Abbey Howe

Good For: Enneagram beginners and gentle questioners

Beginner's book approaches the Enneagram through the H.O.N.E.S.T method. Written by the creator of the viral Enneagram and Coffee Instagram account.

Illustrated Enneagram by Deanna Talwalkar

Enneagram Books I Recommend | Abbey Howe

Good For: Visual learners

A simple, illustrated guide to understand the basics of the Enneagram and all 9 types.

The Road Back to You by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile

Enneagram Books I Recommend | Abbey Howe

Good For: Fans of story-based books about self-awareness

A practical, comprehensive way to find your Enneagram type and explore the spiritual connections associated with it.

The following video mentions a couple more!

Happy Discovering!